Waterproofing, Masonry Restoration, Chimney Repair

Restoration & Repair

Your home is your biggest investment, and taking care of small problems before they become bigger ones is our specialty. Even though most homes experience some degree of settling during their lifetime, you might discover indications of foundation issues inside and outside your house. We have the experience and local code knowledge to make the correct repairs. Our services include:
• Historic Replication
• Crack Filling & Repair
• Tuck Pointing
• Mortar Repointing
• Water Damage Repair
• Chimney Repair

Waterproofing & Sealing

If you’ve noticed a damp or wet basement or you see mildew or mold in your home, let us provide a prompt consultation. We can waterproof your basement and repair any cracks to prevent a flooding disaster. We also specialize in French drains, foundations, catch basins, and exterior drainage.
Contact us today in West Orange, New Jersey, and request an estimate on concrete services, residential waterproofing, and home repairs.